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Pediatric Endocrinology is a broad medical specialty, involving care of numerous conditions affecting growth and development. Our office provides diagnosis, counseling, and ongoing treatment of all endocrine problems from infancy through adolescence. Our unique brand of comprehensive care is provided in cooperation with your primary care physician, who remains fully involved in all aspects of your child’s treatment.

Pediatric Endocrinology offers those treatments to Children and Adolescents for a variety of hormonal diseases, including diabetes and hypoglycemia, growth problems, thyroid disorders, and disorders of puberty, sexual differentiation, calcium metabolism, steroid metabolism, and hypopituitarism.

Hormones are chemicals produced by glands that affect how other parts of the body work. Endocrinology is the science that studies these glands and the effects of the hormones.

Children are not just small adults. Children’s bodies react differently than adult bodies to illnesses and treatments. They need treatment designed and administered for their special and unique needs. As growing individuals they have special needs related to growth and development. In addition, their psychological needs are different from those of adults. Hormone problems affecting growth or sexual development can have significant effects on a child’s physical and emotional well-being.

Children with genetic syndromes which may be associated with hormonal problems, including Prader-Willi, Turner syndrome, Trisomy 21, Williams syndrome, and Klinefelter syndrome are also seen.

Our Mission: To restore normal health, growth and development in children with hormonal disorders.

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